Macroware Systems core client base consists of Medical Practices and Specialists, and the majority use Genie Solutions. Genie is a fully integrated Appointments, Billing and Clinical Management software program for Australian health professionals. It is the only package that is platform independent, running as standalone or networked. It can run on both Windows and Macintosh platforms, or simultaneously run a mixture of Macs and PCs on the same network. 
Genie Solutions offer the software as well as the delivery, installation, training and ongoing support, but customers will be referred on to their designated IT representative, like Macroware Systems for initial setup, configuration and maintenance of workstations, servers and peripherals.
Genie Solutions is at the forefront of eHealth, being one of the six desktop vendors selected by NeHTA to lead the implementation of eHealth in Australia.

Macroware Systems is your very own IT Department for your medical practice, able to assist you with:
  • Design, deployment and configuration of your network
  • Diagnose and solve Genie network disconnections 
  • Setup workstations, servers, peripherals such as printers, scanners and backups
  • Setup access to Genie via remote access on a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android
  • Setup a Terminal Server (Windows) for multiple remote access
  • Update to latest version
  • Migration from Medical Director and MedTech32
  • Setup automated, unattended secure backup of Genie database and scans to a cloud service
  • Disaster recovery 
  • Upgrade server 
  • Switch from Windows to MacOS

Advantages of choosing Genie:
  • 100% SQL database means the best possible speed and stability
  • Integrated Clinical and Management modules, or link to your existing billing package
  • Management module includes Medicare Online Bulk Bill claiming, Streamlined DVA claiming, Private Patient claiming, Specialist and Allied health claiming, Patient and Veteran verification
  • Comes with it's own built-in server, no need to buy MS SQL when the practice expands beyond the lite version provided by other vendors
  • Uses true client-server technology when running on a network, which means that your network will be fast and stable, the work is shared between server and clients
  • Server does NOT need to be powerful/expensive - a Mac Mini is enough