CottageMed was the first free cross-platform open source electronic medical record. Gnu licensed since 1999, it is currently installed on a majority of continents and in several USAID programs in Africa. It is a series open source templates designed run within the database program FileMaker©The program runs on PC's Macs and iPads/iPhone, but can also run on any other operating system when used via web browser intranet.  It is a frequent choice for those physicians most intimidated by the time and money needed to run more complicated electronic medical records.
Macroware Systems have a long history of supporting Filemaker Pro databases, and thus can install, support and customise CottageMed to the exact needs of your practice. 
The best way to get started is to download a trial copy of Filemaker and then install Cottage Med. Decide for yourself why you don't need to be paying exorbitant recurring per-user licensing fees to run your practice. Once you are satisfied with the capabilities and features of CottageMed, contact us to organise a new setup or about how to get the best out your current hardware investment.
  • Designed by physicians for physicians
  • Easily Customisable and Expandable
  • Appointment Scheduling is easy and flexible at home and office
  • Patient Registration with 2 quick and simple screens
  • Paper Billing with option to convert to electronic claims
  • Basic Accounting functions built in
  • Patient Tracking and recall in a near infinite number of ways
  • Full and Flexible Access to all data fields
  • Strong and Flexible Reporting
  • Powerful Search functions on any and all fields
  • Integrates with other applications of your choice
  • ASP option
  • Wireless and PDA support
  • All Hardware supported from 1997 to 2004 using Filemaker 5/6; hardware from 2004 to present runs better with FM 7-10+
  • Prescription Writing fully automated
  • Epidemiology data mining extensively supported
  • Scalable to many separate offices and 120 simultaneous users
  • Flexible note writing - you can enter information any way you want or need
  • Handwritten notes supported
  • Dictation of notes directly into chart with Dragon© Naturally Speaking
  • Clinical Photographs placed in each note when needed
  • Video, Radiology, and Echocardiography studies in common formats can be stored and viewed directly in CottageMed with QuickTime translators included.